SOAR Lectionary Bible Study

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The SOAR blog is an effort to promote biblical literacy and provide a resource for pastors and lay Christians alike.

White SOAR logo TallerThe acronym SOAR describes the method of this Bible study:

S – Search the Scripture.

O – Observe what it is saying and interpret what it means in its own context.

A – Apply it to life and our current context.

R – Respond to the Scripture with a personal commitment, or insight.

The Bible study always concludes with a brief prayer inspired by the encounter with God’s Word.

The Scripture readings are taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. The Lectionary is a three-year cycle of weekly Bible readings that some Protestant churches use as the scriptural foundation for their weekly worship services.

Usually these readings include a passage from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), a Psalm, an Epistle selection, and a reading from one of the Gospels.


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