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Rev. Letchworth is a story-telling, Bible-application expert! He agreed to be a special presenter at the annual laity training event for the Northeast District on January10, 2016. I had asked him to help “warm-up the crowd” and bring some energizing elements to our main plenary session. It was a joy to watch his live-action retelling of a favorite Bible story, bringing it to life and tie it in expertly to the overall theme and heart of the event. His presentation was a great way to get things going- and I appreciate the spirit in which he shares this fun, faithful and imaginative Spirit-work as a true evangelist. Right Quotes

Rev. Susan Ledbetter
Northeast District Superintendent, Arkansas Conference

Rev. Tom Letchworth is a gifted evangelist in the United Methodist Church. He is absolutely wonderful in the pulpit. I just had Tom preach @ Memphis Theological Seminary to my evangelism class. Tom received wonderful reviews! Many in the class said they hope to have him soon in their pulpits. Also, I had Tom preach awhile back @ First UMC of Stuttgart. WOW! Our people absolutely loved Tom. Next year when I am away at General Conference, Rev. Tom Letchworth will again be preaching in my absence here @ FUMC of Stuttgart. Tom brings new life to the pulpit by being able to portray biblical characters. We are blessed in the United Methodist Church to have Rev. Tom Letchworth. Right Quotes

Dr. David W. Bush
First United Methodist Church, Stuggart, Arkansas
Evangelism professor @ Memphis Theological Seminary

Tom does a great job in his work as an evangelist. I have heard several other pastors express how much their congregation were blessed by his messages. Our experience at Des Arc First UMC was very positive. Tom combines sound Biblical teaching with creative and dramatic presentations. He has a heart for people and for those people to come to or grow in their relationship with God. Tom is also great with working with the pastors of the church to try to customize to some extent what will work best on a given Sunday or Revival experience. I would recommend Tom’s ministry to other pastors.Right Quotes


Rev. Dee Harper
First United Methodist Church, Des Arc, Arkansas

Reverend Tom Letchworth was the featured speaker at the three-evening revival. The focus of the event was presentation of the Gospel for the benefit of any unsaved people attending, with additional benefits of encouragement and renewal of Christians in attendance.
Rev. Letchworth was very well prepared, punctual and professional. It was obvious that he had prepared himself. He was organized, focused, and mentally and spiritually ready for his part of the program.
His presentation included traditional preaching and featured some first person drama (with simple costumes and props) in which he portrayed a character to tell a story.
His messages focused on the love of God, the need for salvation, salvation as a free gift, and the benefits of knowing and following God in a Christian walk. This is exactly what the planning committee for the event was seeking.
At the event, Rev. Letchworth was well received. He connected with the audience with personal stories and humor. His message of the Gospel was clear and accurate, consistent with Scripture. The message was powerful and moved people. The event was outdoors and had a casual atmosphere. Rev. Letchworth fit into this setting very well. His demeanor was relaxed, warm, confident, like we were old friends. But there was no mistaking the seriousness and vital importance of the message. We were all engaged, drawn in and lifted up. I heard many positive comments. The event planning committee was very pleased with Rev. Letchworth’s program. His preaching was clear and moving. The dramatic parts (where he portrayed a character) were especially powerful. I believe he was certainly led and equipped by the Holy Spirit.
I would enthusiastically recommend Rev. Letchworth as a speaker to other Christian congregations.
Right Quotes

Tom Costello
Coordinator of ‘Gather at the River’

I just wanted to tell you I am still hearing great things about your time with us. Your messages had a deep and lasting effect on First UMC, Benton and as their Senior Pastor I am very grateful. Over and above your spiritual leadership with the congregation I so appreciate the time you spent with me. As one who spends so much time in ministry to others, it was spiritually refreshing to have someone with your gifts minister to me. All of us at FUMC, Benton are looking forward to having you back with us this year. And just so you will know how much your ministry meant to us, you are the first one to ever be invited back the next year. That should tell you something about how much your ministry meant to us.  Right Quotes

Rev. David Jones
First United Methodist Church, Benton, Arkansas

Tom Letchworth does a wonderful job of presenting the gospel in a thoughtful, funny, passionate, and engaging manner.  His walk and his talk are a faithful representation of the good news of Jesus Christ. Right Quotes

Rev. John P. Miles, II
First United Methodist Church, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Left QuotesI have never had a revival minister so well received by my people.  Each night you brought to us a new challenge to be more Christlike.  God has truly given you the gift of evangelism.Right Quotes

Rev. Kevin Lyon
First United Methodist Church, Greenbrier, Arkansas

Left QuotesTom Letchworth has the whole package: solid Wesleyan theology, a dynamic preaching style, entertaining and provocative drama, plus a real heart for the people who need to hear the gospel in a fresh way.  Right Quotes

Rev. Dr. William O. “Bud” Reeves
First United Methodist Church, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Left QuotesIn these times, the body of Christ desperately needs preachers who are biblically and doctrinally sound.  Rev. Tom Letchworth is a fresh wind of sound preaching.  Brother Tom understands the necessity to proclaim God’s word with excellence and passion.  Any congregation would Right Quotesbe revived and renewed after hearing from this powerful servant of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Mark K. Norman
Southeast District Superintendent, Arkansas Conference

Left QuotesTom Letchworth makes the word of God come alive from the pulpit, podium, or platform. Romans 10:17 tells us, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Tom knows the truth of that statement, and he is a preacher who can bring the gospel message in a way that is energizing, relevant, and challenging! I have worked with Tom and been privileged to sit under his teaching. I highly recommend him for Right Quoteschurch groups and conferences.

Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Thompson, ThD
First United Methodist Church, Springdale, Arkansas


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